What We

Live Streaming

The experts in live streaming

Experience. Reliability. Adaptability.

Our team have been streaming for over a decade, we didn’t just jump on the COVID bandwagon. Before that, they were in broadcasting. We started in the UK before relocating to the UAE. We bring along Western customer service, problem solving and initiaitive.

We’ve been through every conceivable problem, twice. We’re experts in live streaming, problem solving and delivering exceptional streams.

Multi-Camera Streaming

We stream all our events with at least a 3 camera vision mix providing a TV style experience. Some events require more but we’ll scope this as we learn more about your event.

You can also rest assured we operate full redundancy across the event from backup cameras to streaming encoders meaning any issues is mitigated within seconds.

Stream to any platform

Our team can stream to any platform from the big social platforms to an event platform of your choice.

We can even provide advice on the best platform to use for your event requirements.

Digital Experience

The experts in hybrid and digital experiences.

Digital and Hybrid Experiences

We’ve worked on thousands of events across hundreds of brands. We know every event is different but we also know that audiences requirements are often similar. We can help shape your event experience to fit your audience, partners, sponsors and own organisations requirements. When all of these elements overlap you have a sweet spot of an event that works for everyone. We can help you achieve that sweet spot.

Problem solving​

We don’t just stream your event, we listen to your goals and problems and solve them. We are experts in online and hybrid audiences so can provide a wealth of experience in audience engagement. 

*We are also excellent at multi-camera broadcasts from any event.